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"Beyond the coffee"

In this video (designed for a video installation), created with the use of stop-motion techniques, I have employed digital images of a coffee cup and a plasticine figure.
Through the video, I strived to represent multiple levels of temporality (shown by many types of strongly contrasting video FX) and a somewhat holographic, dreamlike reality (highlighted by the image of a woman, reflected first in the coffee cup, and then animated with plasticine).
The passing of time is represented by the spinning of the cup which, once it is overflowing with sugar, spins dizzyingly fast before finally "sucking up" its contents. This symbolizes the constantly changing nature of things; even the woman reflected in the cup is then sucked up and transformed.
Hair belonging to the woman begins to emerge from the cup, in ever-increasing quantity and length.
We can see her face slowly appearing above the rim of the cup but she is immediately sucked back in, dragged away by her own hair, which gradually becomes indistinguishable from the coffee's colour.
The cup begins to spin again in a sort of dance, until only the coffee remains, this time without any reflection.